Better Than Sex Cake – Chocolate Version

My husband looked at me sideways when I told him what I was going to make for our New Year’s ring in dessert. I am a pretty conservative person so I think he thought it was pretty scandalous of me that I even thought about making a cake that had the letters s-e-x in the title. Okay, I’m not that bad, but I guarantee you he won’t be telling anyone what the name of this cake is if we offer it to other people.

Baking a Better Than Sex cake has been on my top 100 list since I formed my list soon after starting my blog. I think the name was more intriguing than the actual cake. I mean really, who came up with this title and why, I would really like to know.

While looking for the perfect recipe I actually came across quite a few. I mistakenly thought that this cake always used a chocolate base, but it turns out that it can be made with just about any flavor base. Next week I’ll be taking a yellow cake version to our running club’s after Christmas party and I’ll let you know how it stacks up. (My husband told me I could take it as long as I didn’t tell anyone what the name was. )

I typically like to bake cakes from scratch whenever possible, but for this one I stuck with a box cake mix. Too much work at this point in my holiday break to mess with finding the perfect cake recipe on top of finding the perfect recipe to put all the pieces together. You have to pick your battles and this wasn’t one I wanted to fight on a New Year’s Eve Saturday night. I have to say, for a box cake it sure was tasty.

And while I am not the type of girl to kiss and tell, I can tell you that the alternative is definitely better. It is just cake, after all. A yummy, gooey, crunchy cake, but still a cake. Enjoy!

Better Than Sex CakeChocolate Version
Source: Adapted from All Recipes

1 box Devil’s Food cake mix + ingredients to make box mix
7 ounces sweetened condensed milk
6 ounces caramel sauce
1 fun size Heath bar per cake, crushed
whipping cream

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease cake pan. Bake cake according to directions on package.

Cool cake on a wire rack for 5 minutes. Poke various holes in cake with fork. While cake is cooling, heat condensed milk and caramel over low heat; stir until combined. Pour over cake and generously sprinkle with crushed candy bar.

After cake is completely cooled, garnish with a dollop of whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel, and a few pieces of crushed candy bar.

Makes 8 (10 ounce) cakes


3 thoughts on “Better Than Sex Cake – Chocolate Version

  1. Gahh, I am on a diet and I am intensely craving some chocolate. This looks absolutely delicious and to die for. I'm sure if I split on with my boyfriend it could possibly be alright and satisfying. Thanks for the post!

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