Peach Raspberry Smoothie

Summer isn’t quite just a memory since we are still having warm, sunny weather. And for us, summer meant a smoothie marathon! What that means is that I will have a smattering of smoothie posts in between some other genres of food over the next few posts. I hope you get to try a few new flavors! You don’t even need a high powered, expensive blender. We’ve made some of ours in an inexpensive $20 blender in the past (although now we have a workhorse blender).

This smoothie was delicious! I was surprised that it turned out so dark because with peach as the first word in the title of the recipe I was expecting it to be more orange or peachy in color. It had a great combination of flavors. We actually made two batches, one with honey and one without. I was served the one without and thought it tasted just fine, my husband though said that the honey did make it a bit tastier. Enjoy!

Peach Raspberry Smoothie
2 cups water
2 cups grapes, red or green
2 cups frozen unsweetened peaches
1 cup frozen unsweetened raspberries
2 tablespoons agave nectar or honey, optional

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Makes 3 servings


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