Baked Ginger Apples

Baked apples are an interesting thing. So bright, colorful, and firm as they are being prepped for the oven. Then, something happens . . .


. . . they become this! Wrinkly, dull, shriveled, soft. It’s a good thing they taste good because I don’t think they have great visual appeal at this point.

Baked Ginger Apple

This was the first time that I baked apples. I was looking for a dessert that was a bit lower in calories and sugar and still tasted yummy and home cooked. The dough on apple pie adds more calories than necessary so that was out. The dough on apple dumplings also added more points than I wanted so that was out too. I went with the apple dumpling in naked form.

It was really pretty tasty. Kind of like apple pie in a different form (and without the crust). I combined two recipes together to make a hodge podge ginger baked apple. It was fairly easy to make but there was a layer of uncertainty with the fact that I had never made it before. It also passed the taste test of the pickiest eater at our house, although he only ate half of one because he’s just not a big fan of sweets.

Baked Ginger Apple Inside


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